Who's behind CashMaster?

The CashMaster team members come from a variety of professional backgrounds including accounting, budgeting and cashflow coaching, financial advice and the information technology industries. We saw a problem with the way most Australians manage their day to day finances and wanted to find a solution that was easy and helpful. So we put our heads together and created CashMaster.

What exactly is CashMaster?

CashMaster is smart technology that is designed to change the way we manage our money. It is a digital financial assistant that performs all the tedious background tasks required for efficient and accurate personal financial management. It misses nothing, it never sleeps and can quickly change anyone from being 'bad with money' to being 'awesome with money'.

How does it do this?

The busier our lives become, and the more complicated our finances get, the less time we spend managing them properly. This leads to errors, waste and poor financial performance. To manage our personal finances effectively, we must record all transactions and categorise them, we must account for every dollar we earn and maintain complete financial awareness at all times on our spendings. This is exactly what CashMaster does but does it without too much effort on your part.

It does this by:

  • Monitoring our bank accounts, loans, credit cards and 'balancing our books'.
  • By keeping us aware of our true 'financial big picture' at all times.
  • Categorising and even sub-categorising every single transaction so that, at a glance, we can see how much was spent on food, travel, entertaining etc. last week, last month, last year.
  • Providing the tools required to analyse our spending, forecast our cash flow, set and track budgets and saving goals.
  • Identifying and notifying us of any abnormal activity and minimising poor financial behaviour
  • Communicating upcoming payments, goal progress and budget overspends
  • Simplifying bookkeeping and tax reporting with income and expenses tagged and stored securely online

CashMaster is just like having a full time professional financial assistant preparing daily financial reports for you to peruse at your leisure. To be really good with your money, you have to really know your money and this is now easier than ever thanks to CashMaster.