19 Charmingly Cheap Gifts For New Homeowners

17 Jan 2018 - Michael Frigger - 7 minutes

19 Charmingly Cheap Gifts For New Homeowners

I get it - life's stressful.

You have enough on your mind as it is – the last thing you want to think about are your friends who’ll undoubtedly host a housewarming sometime soon where they’ll announce more than once not to give them anything but you still feel the pressure to give them something; then they again insist not to get them anything which increases the pressure even more.

Take a breath - that was a long sentence, I’m here to solve that last part.

Welcome to the frugal gift guide for new homeowners.

Why frugal? Because life’s expensive and gifts shouldn’t be. That and I’m a bit of a personal finance/budgeting enthusiast (have you checked out CashMaster?).

This guide isn’t the lengthiest because it doesn’t need to be. I can almost guarantee you’ll use one of the gift ideas to come.

Let’s get into it.

  1. Water Colour Mugs

Your jaw will figuratively drop to the floor when you discover how easy it is to make these gorgeous creations.

Expect to become part of your friend's social media feed after they inevitably cherish their new favourite mug.

Credit: Craftberry Bush

All you need is one or two shades (or more) of their favourite colour in nail polish, a deep tub of warm water, and a cheap $3 white mug from your favourite store.

Watch an easy video tutorial here.

  1. Personalised Chopping Board

We all use one. yet few of us use a good quality wooden one.

You can DIY this if you’ve got a soldering iron on hand, but for the rest of us normal folk, they surprisingly aren’t that expensive to buy premade.

Hardtofind.com.au have the one above on sale for a smidgen above $50.

  1. String Art


  • 1 x dark wooden board
  • 1 x piece of string
  • 100 x pins

Now to answer the age-old question of how long is a piece of string? Well – it depends you see – how long of a piece of string do you need?

Start with a piece of string longer than you’ll think you need and go from there.


  • Place all your pins on a board (use a stencil or outline)
  • String the outline of the shape first
  • Then go crazy filling in the gaps

Credit: Polarcatman

  1. DIY Bookends

Even if your friends don’t read, you can subtly suggest they join the club by forcing them to make use of their very own bookends.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Sculpted minerals (not rocks Marie!)
  • Personalised wooden stands
  • Concrete filled books (hidden inside)

Credit: Homedit

This is your chance to be creative.

  1. Book of Jewellery

Whilst we’re still on the topic of books, why not transform one into a jewellery box?

All you need is a book (preferably a large hardback one which you’ve finished reading), a couple pieces of leather or thick twine, and a sharp knife.

A few cuts and a bit of glue and voila – a book of jewellery.

Source: Pinterest

  1. Shake it Like a Salt Shaker

Make sure you know beforehand if you friends have already got their seasoning tools sorted – and if they don’t, you’re golden.

Head to Etsy where they have some fantastically unique and memorable pairs. Plenty to choose from under $40 with personalisation included.

Credit: SpokenGifts

  1. Homemade Meal

Served it up to them before and they fell in love? Serve it up to them again - but this time in their home (and let them eat it all).

Especially great if they've just moved and are still unpacking, everyone loves a home cooked meal with good timing.

Credit: Country Living

Feeling extra special? Let them keep the tupperware.

  1. Succulent Garden

When you head to Bunnings or your local nursery, make sure to buy two of everything.

Why? Because you'll inevitably fall in love with what you're giving away and want one for yourself.

Credit: Southern Living

Easy to take care of, easy to make, and they live as long as a turtle (maybe).

  1. No More Mozzies

If there’s a single insect this world should be rid of, it’s the mosquito.

It won’t get rid of them completely but it’ll keep them away from your friends humble (or not so humble) abode.

Credit: Moskitto

The large one (above) is about $37 - it’ll last a minimum of 45 hours - that’s less than $1/hour!

P.S. Use the promo code - HOME FOR XMAS - to get 20% off!

  1. Dipped Vase

Not just any type of vase - a dipped one.

Tall, short. Wide, skinny. All will do just fine.

Credit: Tree Design Aus

Find out their favourite colour beforehand for extra brownie points.

  1. Fire Blanket/First Aid Kit

I know - if you received this gift you probably won't be jumping for joy.

But think about it, every time they injure themselves, they'll be using something you provided.

Credit: St John

You're essentially becoming their healer.

  1. Dwarf Fruit Tree

One of my friends recently got one - and my envy of them grew instantly.

If I had more space (apartment living), I'd stop writing this gift guide right now and go out get one.

Credit: Fleming's Nursery

Of course, make sure they do have space for one. As it's likely the most expensive on this list ($100+ with the planter).

  1. Doormat

A gift they'll use (quite literally) every day of their life.

Except on those binge Netflix days which we all (don't deny it) indulge in, every once in a while.

Credit: French Knot

The great thing is - we all want a quality doormat, but few of us are willing to fork out for it.

  1. Fruit Salad Trees

When I found out these existed, the whole office crowded around my computer.

And when your friend receives one from you, watch their face light up with glee.

Credit: Fruit Salad Trees

Similar to the dwarf tree above - make sure they've got room to house one.

  1. Tea/Coffee Taster

Chocolate? The 14th Century called - they want their gift idea back.

Tea? Your friend called - they're thanking you for the awesome gift.

Credit: The London Drum

Be warned - you may be introducing them into a cult-like tea-loving culture.

  1. Olive Oil

No, you're not going to Coles and coming back with a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Pick up a half-fancy looking bottle, fill it with some quality oil, and then add in a few extras.

Credit: Inhabitat

Your local Kmart or Target likely stock a few glass bottle variations, otherwise head to your local homewares store.

  1. Herbs

A great gift even if they don't end up cooking with them often.

Perfect to liven up their kitchen and add a bit of green into it.

Credit: Inhabitat

Cheap as chips too if you leave them in their original planters.

  1. Get Sh*t Done

They just bought a house - you know they have so much sh*t to get done.

You can help them get it done with this geniously created little diary.

Credit: MiGOALS

There are more variations - check them all out on their site.

  1. Wine

Last, but certainly not least - if you think none of the above would tickle their fancy, grab them a bottle (or two) of their favourite wine.

You won't be original, you won't stand out, but they will be thankful.

Credit: Pexels

See! Great gifts for homeowners can be found on a frugal budget. As you can see from the awesome gift ideas I know you’d love to receive yourself.

What next? Decide which one they’d fancy the most – and get them it!

Got your own ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

Michael Frigger

Michael Frigger


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