The World's Biggest List of Money Challenges [37+]

19 Feb 2018 - Michael Frigger - 7 minutes

The World

There are millions upon millions of money challenges for you to conquer. Ok, maybe not millions, but there's too many to count.

I spent a bit of time sorting through them, collecting my favourites, and organising them into the nice, neat little table you'll find below.

Welcome to the world's biggest list of money challenges.

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Amount Time Image Creator
$1,378 12 months The Extra Income Project
$1,000 03 months The Practical Penny
$2,700 12 months Making Mrs. M
$1,000 12 months Budgets are Sexy
$1,000 12 months Hello Pretty Bird
$3,000 12 months He and She Eat Clean
$500 01 months He and She Eat Clean
$1,040 12 months My Organized Chaos
$500 03 months My Income Journey
$116 01 months Saving Advice
$465 01 months N/A
$10,000 12 months N/A
$1,000 03 months My Clever Wallet
$1,000 03 months He & She Eat Clean
$1,053 06 months Super Coupon Lady
$5,000 06 months Larissa Swany
$1,000 06 months What Mommy Does
$344.50 12 months Life As You Life It
$2,000 12 months N/A
$2,535 12 months N/A
$5,512 12 months Decluttering Your Life
$1,755 06 months Money Chats with Brittany
$667.95 06 months Fun Happy Home
$1,014 06 months Smart Cents Mom
$520 06 months LaVida-Dulce
$1,040 12 months LaVida-Dulce
$2,600 12 months LaVida-Dulce
$5,390 12 months Annray Saldana
$2,500 12 months Barbara O'Neill
$13,780 12 months Boredom Just Died
$200 04 months Macarons & Mascara
$1,586 12 months Printable Paradise
$2,500 12 months Printable Paradise
$340 12 months 4 Hats and Frugal
$2,300 12 months N/A
$6,890 12 months N/A
$5,040 12 months Life's Carousel
$1,755 12 months Meraadi

What is a money challenge?

A money challenge, otherwise known as a savings challenge, is a way to add a little pizzazz to your savings goals.

Boosting your savings accounts and emergency funds can be a mundane process by itself, which is exactly why the wonderful folk above have set out to create some unique challenges for you.

Pick the amount of money you're looking to save and what kind of time frame you want to hit that amount in, then browse the list to find one as close as possible.

If there's none around what you're looking for, let me know in the comments below - I'll see what I can do.

What are the most popular challenges to take?

By far, and the most searched challenge across the world is the 52 week savings challenge.

The 52 week savings challenge is the one you'll find at the very top of the table where you increase your savings each week by $1, starting in Week 1 at $1.

During Week 24 you'll be adding $24 to your savings, during Week 41 you'll be adding $41 to your savings, and at the end during Week 52, you'll add $52 to your account.

Once the year is done, you'll have a nice little account with $1,378 in it at your disposable.

Some have hacked the challenge to make it start hard and become easier by simply starting out by saving $52 and dropping $1 each week. So in Week 52 you'll only need to deposit $1.

In terms of popularity, weekly challenges likely come in as the second favourite, with fortnightly and then monthly coming soon afterwards.

What's the best way to make sure you hit your goal?

There are a few things you can do you vastly increase your chances of being successful in your savings challenge.

  • 1. Commit
  • Make a serious commitment to achieving this goal before you start. Whether it's reminding yourself every day of why you want to achieve this goal, using an app to help you save the money, or writing it down firmly in your diary beforehand. Commit to the goal and you will succeed.
  • 2. Visualisation
  • It's been scientifically proven that visualising your end goal and achieving the result will increase your chances.
  • Specifically, Olympic athletes who spent 25% of their time on physical training and 75% on mental training, performed the best during the event.

  • If you're saving for an emergency fund, put up a picture of something you associate with freedom.
  • 3. Partner up
  • Taking on a challenge is fun, but taking on a challenge with a friend is wondrous. Not only will you be accountable to each other by checking in whenever you can, but a bit of friendly competition will motivate you even more.

Look for a specific challenge?

Let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can do.

You made it to the end - now tell me, which one are you going to be taking on?

Michael Frigger

Michael Frigger


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