Top 11 Aussie Money Podcasts

24 Jan 2018 - Michael Frigger - 9 minutes

Top 11 Aussie Money Podcasts

Podcasts are a wonderful source of free information. Today, you can find thousands of podcast on hundreds of different topics.

With so much noise out there, I decided to sift through a bit of it to find some of the best.

Here are 11 of the best money podcasts on the market at the moment.

In no particular order:

Podcast Brand Host
Work. Life. Money Ross Greenwood
The Money Cafe Kirby & Kohler
The Money Misc.
The Rentvesting Podcast Jayden Vecchio
Financial Autonomy Paul Benson
The Newman Show Callum Newman
Your Money Your Call Misc.
Money Podcast Marc, Adam & Liz
The Property Couch Bryce & Ben
On The Money Peter Switzer
The Business Experiment Jeminah & Shevonne

Work. Life. Money

Career, Personal Finance, Business, Economy

For: those after in-depth discussions on a variety of money topics from a reputable industry source.

Hosted by Ross Greenwood

Produced by 3AW

Est. September 2016
You won't find any sugar coating here - Ross Greenwood tells it like it is. He covers macro-style topics such as how marketers are ignoring those over 65, discussing whether seniors should get a gap year and how the housing crisis is changing the Australian dream.

The Money Café

Business, Finance, Economics, Investing

For: those looking for a bit of banter surrounding trending topics in business.

Hosted by Kirby & Kohler

Produced by The Australian

Est. February 2017
The name isn't a play on words, Kirby & Kohler really record their podcasts in a café (it does get a bit loud at times). If there's big news in finance - these guys will likely cover it.

The Money

Economics, Finance, Business

For: those looking for deep-dives into specific money-related topics in Australia.

Hosted by miscellaneous

Produced by ABC

Est. January 2016
Hosted by ABC, The Money takes close looks at specific areas of the Australian economy and seeks to explain the contributing factors behind the topic.

The Rentvesting Podcast

Financial Independence, Real Estate, Investing

For: those looking for discussions surrounding everything and anything about real estate.

Hosted by Jayden Vecchio

Produced by Red & Co.

Est. February 2016
As they state themselves, The Rentvesting Podcast is targetted to the Gen X and Y demographic who are already investing or are looking to invest in the real estate market.

Financial Autonomy

Financial Independence, Money, Investing, Retirement

For: those looking for an upbeat host conducting regular interviews around money topics.

Hosted by Paul Benson

Produced by Guidance Financial

Est. June 2017
Financial Autonomy by Paul Benson is a weekly podcast with a general runtime of under 30 minutes. Paul often brings in experts on the topic to discuss their opinions on a variety of money topics. Recent titles includes So What is Bitcoin?, Attaining Financial Independence Doesn't Need to be Hard, The Sharemarket - A Beginner's Guide.

Your Money Your Call

Finance, Economics, Business, Politics, Q&A

those looking to get their questions answered by a panel of experts.

Hosted by miscellaneous

Produced by Sky News

Est. September 2016
Your Money Your Call stands on a different level with the rest of the podcasts here. Why? Because the whole show is a Q&A session. Give them a call on 1300 303 435 to have a panel of experts share their opinions with you.

The Newman Show

Economics, Politics, Business

For: those looking for discussions on out-of-the-ordinary topics from insightful experts.

Hosted by Callum Newman

Produced by Daily Reckoning

Est. February 2015
Nobody ever made money listening to the mainstream - that sums up their topics pretty well. Much of what Callum and his guests discuss drive head first into the mainstream media's beliefs.

The Property Couch

Real Estate, Investing, Economics

For: those looking to dive head first into a wide range of topics covering real estate and investing.

Hosted by Bryce & Ben

Produced by The Property Coach

Est. February 2015
Coming up on 2 years of continuous podcasting in 2018, Bryce & Ben cover anything and everything if it can be related to property investing. Recent titles include Discoveries We've Learnt in Property Investing, 8 Reasons Why Vendors Sell Before Auctions, 10 Reasons Why You're NOT Rich Yet.

Money Podcast

Economics, Investing, Business, Startups

For: those looking for a huge range of topics about everything finance.

Hosted by Marc, Adam, & Liz

Produced by Finder

Est. February 2017
Aimed more towards the younger crowd, Money by Finder brings to light some of the latest local and worldwide money news, insightful tips and tricks to help you with your own finances and new and exciting products to improve your lifestyle.

On The Money

Investing, Personal Finance

For: those looking for regular updates on a variety of markets with the odd topic thrown in here and there.

Hosted by Peter Switzer

Produced by Macquarie Media

Est. September 2017
Hosted by veteran of the Australian financial industry, Peter Switzer, every week (often more than once) he'll provide you with updates on the money and property markets. On top of that, other recent titles include Super and Retirement, Investing That Fits With Retirement and Diversifying in Detail.

The Business Experiment

Business, Marketing, Startups, Entrepreneurship

For: those looking for light-hearted discussions with a couple of business owners going their own way.

Hosted by Jeminah & Shevonne

Produced by The Business Experiment

Est. July 2016
Jemimah and Shevonne are both business owners - businesses they've built themselves. Hear from real, down to earth people discussing a variety of business topics. Recent podcast titles include The Consumption Generation, The Secret to Success: Understanding Opportunity and How to Slay Podcasting.

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There you have it - a few of Australia's leading financial podcasts.

Have you listened to any? Let me know which ones you prefer in the comments.

Michael Frigger

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