Orsolya Bartalis Shares Her Thoughts on Money Habits

31 Jan 2018 - Michael Frigger - 4 minutes

Orsolya Bartalis Shares Her Thoughts on Money Habits

As you know from reading this huge list of wonderful money habits - 40% of your day is made up of your habits.

Essentially - you won't achieve your financial goals without good habits - I'm not going to sugar coat it.

To further help you on your journey, Orsolya Bartalis from Unlimited Results has generously shared her thoughts on the topic.


I, like many people, may have known how to pick the right accounts, and the fact that I need to invest and minimise my taxes etc. and yet at some stage in my life my results weren't reflecting the knowledge that I had accumulated.

When I started looking into what was holding me back I found that it was my habits and thus my underlying money beliefs were the culprits in not getting ahead as initially planned. I had to look further into what actions I was taking that were habitual and were holding me back and identify the driving force behind those negative habits. Now when I talk to people about getting a grip of their finances the first thing I tell them is to track their spending for a month; not just the dollar amount and the dates, but full detail of what was going on, how were they feeling and whether the expense wan planned. This way you can find out if you are an emotional binge spender, what triggers that, and turn the situation around by choosing a different reaction.

Tracking your money for a month can also help you identify where you are 'losing' money, and plug that leaking pot and redirect the money you use to not be able to account for toward savings/investing.

I recommend that tracking your money is then repeated each time you feel like you are not getting the financial results you were working toward.
Apart from tracking, the next thing that most people don't do is create goals that are driven by what they truly want and write them down along with a plan to achieve those goals. The first step is to take time to figure out what you truly want (not what others expectations are), what your life will look like when you achieve your goal and identify the driving force behind wanting to achieve these. You need to have a really strong why to ensure that you keep going even when things get tough!

Once your goals have been identified it is time to create a plan - including steps as to how to earn more (i.e. second job, a business, investing etc.), create milestones and rewards to keep yourself focused, and track your progress along the way. Review, tweak and revise as necessary but never lose sight of the end goal. Schedule the reviews in and stick to those times, turn up for yourself and your financial future!

Also, review your expenditure, I do this once every 6 months and negotiate better deals. Banks and insurance companies are very happy to help you as even if they drop the price a little they save more than if they needed to recruit a new client. So don't be afraid to pick up the phone.
As for your banking and investment plans - make sure you automate them as much as possible and that you do not withdraw cash you had put aside to invest or add to the rainy day fund (you can if it's an emergency, but don't just pull money out for your next holiday!). This can halt your growth massively.

Your financial success has a lot more to do with your ability to turn up for your future self by creating positive habits and actions right now than with the technicalities of choosing the best savings account. So ensure that you keep your mindset in an optimal state - this happens with learning about yourself and what makes you tick, so take time to do that.


I’m Orsolya Bartalis a single mum, finance broker, investor and author. I help other mums take control of their finances and create freedom in their lives through property investing.

Why am I so passionate about finances? Because I know how important it is to create a passive income that enables time freedom and I understand how challenging it can be to get started. I need you to know that it’s possible!

Learn more about Orsolya at Unlimited Results and Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed reading Orsolya's insights into developing your financial habits. Please reach out to her to show your appreciation!

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