Save $000,000's By Moving Into A Tiny Home

07 Feb 2018 - Michael Frigger - 4 minutes

Save $000,000

Minimalism is taking over the world with millions cutting their clutter for a cleaner life. A select few are taking it that next, and quite extreme, step further by downsizing their house altogether.

No, I'm not talking about going from a 4x2 to a 3x2. I'm talking about cutting down their living space from the Aussie average of 240sqm to under 50sqm - and they're using Tiny Homes to do it.

What are Tiny Homes?

Tiny Homes are just that - tiny homes. They're designed in such a way as to be able to provide one's self with all their living requirements in a much, much smaller space. And let me tell you, design is everything.

Limited in space, Tiny Homes must be innovative and creative in their ways of providing their owners with everything they need.

Credit: Designer Eco Homes

One miscalculation - one drawer being able to extend too far or one door unable to open all the way - and no amount of savings will calm your frustration.

Thankfully, most of the design work has already been done and unless you're after a customised solution tailored to your specifications, you'll save even more by buying one off the plan.

How much can you save?

Much. More specifically - the title of this post isn't a lie.

You could quite literally save hundreds of thousands of dollars by choosing a Tiny Home over a normal home, or by downsizing if you've already gone large.

Let's take a look at a few of the Tiny Home solutions available in Australia:

  • Designer Eco Homes - link
    • Independent Series 4800DL - 17sqm, loft bed - $57,500
    • Lifestyle Series 7200GB - 29sqm, 1 x ground floor bed, 2 x loft bed - $85,700
  • Tiny House Company - link
    • Pod C - Complete Tiny House - 23sqm, 1 x ground floor bed, 1 x loft bed (optional) - $79,000
  • Tiny Homes Australia - link
    • The High Country - 12.6sqm, 1 x ground floor bed - $59,000
    • The Hillside - 18sqm, 1 x loft bed - $79,000

Where can you put them?

Unfortunately, you can't just rock up at your local park with your newly built Tiny Home and claim it as your land.

It also depends whether your Tiny Home is on wheels or not. If it is, it likely already fits the Australian trailer requirements and can be put anywhere a campervan can go (pretty much anywhere).

Not on wheels? Then it becomes a bit more difficult and you'll need to find a more long term solution which may require renting someone else's land and/or additional permits from the council.

How popular are they?

Popular. Every year, the interest in Tiny Homes grows more and more amongst all generations of Australians.

Google Trends says it all. is increasing in popularity - fast.

In late 2017, the first Tiny Home auctions went under the hammer in Melbourne - a large milestone for the tiny buildings. I'm exciting to see what the industry will look like in 5 years.

You in?

What do you think? Could you brave the decrease in living space for the savings in cash?

Let me know in the comments below.

Michael Frigger

Michael Frigger


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