How CashMaster Works

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Overview and CashBar

CashMaster's Homepage gives you a snapshot view of your finances in four easy to understand ways.

  • The 'CashBar' - gives you a breakdown of all your incoming and outgoing money for the past 30days, whilst giving you an idea of what you have left over, whether your overspending or have some funds left over, the CashBar will keep you in the loop.
  • Recent Transactions – provide you with the five most recent transactions to keep you on top of your spending.
  • Current Budgets – serves as a little picture to show how you are tracking with 3 of your budgets.
  • Upcoming Bills – Lets you know what five bills/fixed expenses you have coming up, so you can plan ahead.

From each of these little snapshots, if you give them a tap they will take you through to the dedicated page for more in-depth and complete information.

Easy to setup

Setting up your CashMaster account couldn't be easier. You simply just need to go through a bare minimum sign up form (full name, desired password, an email address, and your PromoCode if you have one). From there, you'll just need to confirm your email address and start syncing your bank accounts. CashMaster will automatically bring across your transactions, start categorising them, and form analytics, while you sit back and relax.

Insightful Analytics

CashMaster digs through your transactional data automatically and will create analytics based on your spending and earnings for you. From charts focusing on what category you spent the most on this year to what your cash flow was for the past 6-months, CashMaster has you covered with a plethora of different graphs and charts to help you better understand and master your money.

Bills and Transactions

Not only will CashMaster sync your transactions from your bank accounts, it will also automatically categorise your transactions for you and discover any potential bills that may be reoccurring. You just need to pop onto the bills tab and select the bill you wish to be reminded for, and tap any transaction that you wish to be categorised or organised to your style and need. Luckily, CashMaster is a learning system, so you will only have to tell it information once for it to start storing and implementing those rules.


We keep it simple here at Cashmaster, when making your budget you only need to budget the categories you want. All you have to do is choose what category you wish to track, whether it's a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, and how much you want to allocate to that type of expense. CashMaster will automatically keep track of how you're doing using the transaction from your synced accounts, and if you set it up, CashMaster can even send you push-notifications if you're coming close a percentage of your choice of your budget.